Actually, the correct Spanish way would be to write ¡Hola! In Spain they use upside down exclamation marks at the beginning of each exclamation type of sentence. ¡Hola, hola, hola!

Let's grab a glass of red wine and have a chat. I'm Sofia, the lady behind Sometimes Churros (SC). Some of you might have known me from my previous food blog Papaya Pieces (PP). Yes, I'm that same Sofia. You can read more about me and my credentials here in the about page.

What happened?

I felt like I was oversharing in PP and I was getting burnt out. Then life happened: I had a beautiful baby. During the whole pregnancy and the baby's first year I just didn't feel like blogging, yet I didn't want to stop blogging. It may sound weird and contradictory, but I guess I just didn't want to continue with that blog. Then recently, the moment arrived to resubscribe another year to the PP webhost,.. I decided to let it expire. My heart was heavy because through PP I had improved my cooking, became even more techy, became a better photographer, and most importantly of all I found fantastic friends from around the world. In typical Marie Kondo style I said thank you and goodbye to PP, then I let it disappear. That day I felt lighter, freer and full of enthusiasm because I could begin a new food blog.

The idea behind Sometimes Churros

It all began when I had a crazy urge to call my new blog Sometimes Churros. It represents 3 things:

  1. My mother and my daughter, who we'll call Miss E here, sometimes go out for churros together. I used to just go with my mother, but now that Miss E eats solids, us 3 generations go together. And that's really nice.

  2. SC is a blog for gourmand people, emphasizing that it's for gourmand people who aren't afraid of eating things like churros with chocolate once in a while. Reading between the lines, if you can't eat / get offended with sugar, carbs, gluten, lactose, meat, etc, then you'd better run away from this site really fast.

  3. Churros is obviously a very Spanish breakfast. So SC will be dedicated to Spanish inspired food. So there you have it, I created my niche. Spanish inspired food.

SC is not a blog dedicated to churros. Sorry to anyone landing here thinking they will be in a churros heaven.

Why Spanish food?

After having lived in different regions of Spain intermittently for over 20 years, being (part) Spanish myself, and accidentally finding myself moving from busy Barcelona to a little coastal village in Andalusia, I thought it would be a pity if I didn't document the gorgeous Spanish cuisine and my stories to go with them. The ironic thing is that my family and I will most probably not be living here for too much longer. But that's ok, SC will still be my little Spanish inspired universe.

Now it's your turn to say hi!

I love reading about you so do comment below. You can also follow me through Instagram. I'm quite nice, I won't bite and I love to converse back and forth.

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