Sometimes Churros:
Spanish Gourmand Stories

I'm Sofia, the lady behind Sometimes Churros. My mother, my baby daughter and I sometimes go for churros together, thus the name Sometimes Churros.

I am of various cultures: Spanish, Indonesian and Australian, and have lived in 8 countries. My husband is French. I have lived in different regions of Spain for more than 20 years. I started this blog while living in Andalusia, but now we're on a journey through Spain and France, which will embark on us settling in a new life elsewhere. Even though I love to cook dishes from all my cultures, this blog is dedicated to Spanish inspired cuisine. My recipes are sometimes traditional, but I also love to improvise and experiment.

In my real current life, I’m a stay at home mum, so I reflect about motherhood too in this blog.


Other qualifications

In my real non-current life, I’m both a qualified pharmacist and a marketing professional. My pharmacy studies included nutrition and food sciences. This is why I am allowed to be nerdy if I feel like it. This is also why I don't easily buy into all the health food obsessions that everyone else may be raving about. I'm a firm believer of eating a bit of everything in moderation {and with pleasure} unless one has a medical issue, food intolerance or allergy. As a marketing professional, I found the way to combine my scientific background with my creativity. This blog is just another extension into fueling my creativity.


I’m not big on measuring. The amounts in my recipes are approximate. My approach is that not all ingredients are the same (as in one orange can be juicier than another), not all stoves, ovens and utensils induce heat equally. You get what I mean. It's best to look, smell and taste to know if it’s right.